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Pros: The price is really good for this device. It's a good device for amateurs or electrician apprentices in their first year. It has a very high robustness and should withstand even a 10-foot (3m) drop.
Cons: The T5-600 doesn't have many features and the measuring range and accuracy is low compared to other Fluke multimeters. It has no true RMS converter and can measure just up to 600 V and comes with only 2 years warranty. The T5-600 has only a 3-digit display, which is somewhat limited.

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  1. The Fluke T5-600
  2. Technical Details
  3. Features
  4. Comparable Multimeters
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1. The Fluke T5-600

The Fluke T5-600 is a multimeter with just very basic features. Fluke calls it an electrical tester in distinction to multimeters with more advanced features. The main advantage of this model is it’s low price. The list price is just $100. That’s about the amount for multimeters where you can start to expect adequate safety features, automatic range detection and a accuracy and measuring range suitable for most amateur and home appliances all in one device. And in fact the Fluke T5-600 meets all this criteria. With 300g it’s very lightweight, it’s not very large either.

With this electrical tester you can measure voltage up to 600V, current, resistance up to 1000 Ω and test for continuity. It meets CAT III 600 V safety requirements. If you think about purchasing your first multimeter, don’t need it often or just don’t have the money to afford a more sophisticated device the Fluke T5-600 is a good start.

2. Technical Details

Jaw opening 12.9 mm (0.5 in)
Max wire size 1/0 THHN Cable
Current range ac rms 0 to 100.0 A
Accuracy ac current (50/60 Hz) 3 % ± 3 counts
AC Response Averaging
Voltage range ac 0 to 600 V
Accuracy ac voltage 1.5 % ± 2 counts
Voltage range dc 0 to 600 V
Accuracy dc voltage 1 % ± 1 count
Resistance range 0 to 1000 Ω
Continuity beeper threshold On at <25 Ω, off at >400 Ω
Volts indicator LED threshold Guaranteed on by 30 V ac
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C to 60 °C
Humidity (Without Condensation) 0 % to 95 % (5 °C to 30 °C); 0 % to 75 % (30 °C to 40 °C);
0 % to 45 % (40 °C to 50 °C)
Dust / water resistance yes
Operating altitude 2000 meters max
Temperature Coefficient 0.1 x (specified accuracy)/°C (<18 °C or >28 °C)
Safety Specifications
Overvoltage category CAT III 600 V ac/dc (EN61010-1)
Agency Approvals UL, CSA, and VDE
Mechanical & General Specifications
Size 30.5 mm x 51 mm x 203 mm
Weight 300g
Warranty Two-years
Battery Life 200 hour zinc chloride, 400 hour alkaline
Battery type 2 x AA
Low battery indicator yes
Current sensor opening 12.9 mm
Calibration cycle 1 year

3. Features

With this electrical tester it’s easier to talk about the features it doesn’t have than the few basic features it does actually have. The features include measuring voltage, current, resistance and continuity. The tough building quality could count as another feature, you won’t find many meters you can drop from ceiling height to the floor and are still functioning without problems. However it’s a very basic device, despite the automatic range detection you won’t find in very cheap meters, you won’t find there as much safety build in as in the T5-600 either. It’s missing many features you would like to have in some situations. For example if you want to measure current on small circuits there is no selection for milliamp or microamps. As an hobby electrician measuring on breadboards you will probably want this.

4. Comparable Multimeters

If you measure AC frequently you will want to have a multimeter with true RMS converter. If you want to have this feature and don’t want to spend a lot more money the Fluke 115 or 117 could be right for you. But the Fluke 11x series is also limited for measuring low currents. So if you want to measure on you arduino board it’s probably not the right one for you. If you can afford it and want a meter that you can use for the rest of your life you should give the Fluke 87V a try. If you would like a remote display the Fluke 233 is your only choice.

5. Other Reviews

On Amazon there are 50 reviews with an average of 4.8 of 5 Stars. This is a really good rating and suggest that most people are very happy with their purchase and the value for money.

6. Download section

Unfortunately no Data Sheets or other additional information is available for this model.

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