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Since I’ve worked pretty much all my life as an electrician I have used numerous tools and electrical equipment. During the last 25 years I’ve worked as a commercial electrician running  my own electrical services company with a few emplyoees, aswell as working as an industrial electrician in a large construction company before. Here I will honestly share what I know about multimeters, which I felt where always one of my most important, if not the most important tool of my equipment. I’ve tried and used many of them over the years, in all price ranges, from different companies and I can say with digital multimeters there are not only the requirements you have to consider, it’s also personal preference. There is no best meter, but there are bad ones and low quality meters on the market!

DMMs are suited for different jobs and environments, as an electrician you may have more than one in use. I want to help you with my experience I gathered over the years to find the multimeter best suited for your needs. I will tell you what’s important and if you are just starting out as an apprentice electrician or if you are an self-taught hobbyiest you will find helpful information about multimeters in general and how to use them in different situations. My opinion is probably a bit biased by my experience, because for the last years I sticked with meters from Fluke . Fluke multimeters are the only one I can truly recommend! I never owned a Fluke I was disappointed with, something I can’t say about meters from any other company. There may be not the cheapest, but buying cheap often means buying twice,this is a true for DMMs as for most of other tools and products. One of my Fluke meters is now more than 15 years old, I had it recalibrated and it works just like on  the first day.  I hope you will find my reviews helpful and I’m sure you will find useful information on my site if your looking forward to buy a meter. If you have further questions  just drop me a message to george@multimeter-test.com or use the contact formular.


George Stewart