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Review: Fluke T5-600

The Fluke T5-600 is a multimeter with just very basic features. Fluke calls it an electrical tester in distinction to multimeters with more advanced features. The main advantage of this model is it's low price. The list price is just $100.

Review: Fluke 233 Remote Display

This multimeter is great for one reason: It allows you to be in two places at once! This is a real innovation and I haven't seen any other DMMs with this feature. As other models from Fluke it has a great build quality and safety.

Review: Fluke 87V

As an electrician or technical professional you can't go wrong with a Fluke 87V. This meter will last. It comes with a lifetime warranty and unlike other DMMs on the market it will keep it's high accuracy over decades.

Hello There!

I was an electrician for most of the time in my life and hope you find the information and reviews you will find here helpful. Here on I'll put together all I know about digital multimeters.